The First Day of #NewGannett

Monday marked the official company spin, and the first day of the respective new companies. As mentioned in my previous post I will be staying in #NewGannett. And yes, they did make a hashtag for it. When I got to work I discovered this cute little brochure about the new company. It included the company mission… Continue reading The First Day of #NewGannett

Interning During a Company Spin

The company isn’t the only thing spinning. For those who don’t know what a company spin is, I’ll explain. A spin, or corporate spin-off, is when a business breaks off sections as separate businesses. Gannett will be splitting its publishing company from it’s broadcasting and digital company. The new broadcasting and digital company will become… Continue reading Interning During a Company Spin

Ducks on the Terrace

“Sounds like our Duck Rescue efforts are required again this morning!” Not exactly the message I was expecting on Slack, the company instant message system, when I got to work this morning. For those of you who have never been to the Gannett office in McLean (a.k.a. all of you) the “campus” is pretty expansive.… Continue reading Ducks on the Terrace


I recently learned of a German word “fernweh.” It has no direct English translation but essentially means the opposite of homesickness. It is a desire to leave familiar surroundings for distance places. Right now, it feels like my word. Even though it has been over a month since I left the UK, things in Iowa… Continue reading Fernweh